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  • Once you click on http://elearn-challengingmasculinitiesinsouthasia.net/ it will take you to the Home Page of the module.
  • The participants have to sign in with the code number given by the Online Administrator.
  • If you click on sign in, a window like this will appear on your screen.
  • Put your username and password to enter the Course as verified User.
  • Then you will be able to sign in to the course as ‘ADCF’ (changed name). That will be highlighted on the first layer of the screen.


There is a vital menu on the top layer called INSTRUCTIONS AND INFORMATION. This section consists of:

  • Background and Overview
  • About the Training
  • User Guide
  • Chart of Mentors and Participants


On the third layer, you will find three(3) major menus of the platform, e.g. – HOME PAGE  – COURSES – INSTRUCTIONS AND INFORMATION

On the fourth layer of the platform/screen, you will find a tab called COURSES.

Under “Courses”, there are four modules:

  • Understanding Masculinities
  • Sexualities and Masculinities 
  • Violence and Masculinities
  • Sexual and Reproductive Health and Rights(SRHR) and Masculinities

User must click on the particular module to be taken and go to “start the course”. Prompts are available along the way.

Another way to enter the course is by clicking on main menu – COURSES

  • To enter the course, the user has to click on “start the course” highlighted on the image below
  • Once you enter the course, you will find a screen that is pasted below where the main content will flow on the left side of the screen, whereas on the right side of the screen a course progress chart, called COURSE PROCESS will appear on the screen. The Course Process will indicate progress of the users.
  • Being a User, you cannot access all these modules together. The course is developed in such a way that the User has to complete one module first before being able to enter to the next.
  • The module consists of lectures, reading resources, quiz and assignments.
  • While answering the quiz, the User has to fill-up all sections related to the quiz to be able to submit your answers. Otherwise, the sections which are left or not filled properly will get highlighted in red. In that case, the User has to fill the highlighted areas and submit the answers and/or click on “next” to get the result on the screen. Additionally, the result will be sent to the User’s registered email id.
  • Apart from the quiz, there are 2 to 3 assignments in every module which the User has to complete by filling in the comment box given after each question with the answers. Please note the word limitations indicated next to the boxes. Each assignment may only be taken once.
  • Mentors shall monitor the progress and assignment submissions of the Users/Participants. They will review their assigned Participants’ completed assignments and Participants will receive the Mentor’s feedback on their assignments through email. As a disclaimer, the opinions and ideas provided by the Mentors are entirely theirs and in no way reflect and represent those of CHSJ’s.